The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter by Cooper Carter

The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter

Over 11 Hours of Instruction
Taking You Deep Into Fractal's Powerhouse Floorboard


With the FM3, Fractal Audio Systems packs more power and a greater range of vintage, modern, and all-new tones into a smaller footprint than ever before.

In this 11-hour course, Cooper Carter takes you deep into this mighty floorboard, showing you how to recreate classic sounds, sculpt your own tones, build presets, and dial in effects quickly and with confidence. Along the way he shares tips and tricks developed over years of working in the studio and onstage with bands like Metallica, Journey, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Dream Theater, and more more who rely on Fractal night after night for their tone.

From first steps for beginners, through intermediate topics, to advanced techniques, you will learn to build and control your own custom virtual rigs in detail.

Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, or another instrumentalist looking to expand your sonic toolkit, this class is your definitive road-map to the present and future of your tone with the world's most powerful and compact guitar processor: the FM3.

The studio pass grants unlimited streaming access to all lesson modules and downloads of the presets, tone matches, and layouts created during the class.


Introduction & Philosophy
Introduction to the FM3 & Philosophy

Initial Setup
The Top Panel
Footswitches: Tap & Hold
The Basics of Layouts & Views
The Rear Panel & Making Connections
Gear Considerations

The Setup Menus
FC Controllers & Onboard Switches
Global Settings
Audio Input/Output
USB Input/Output
The Pedal Page
MIDI/Remote Settings
Setting Up the Tuner

Introduction to FM3-Edit
The Grid
Blocks, Routing Best Practices & Templates

Dialing in a Clean Tone
Dialing in a Clean Tone
Leveling a Preset
Introduction to Reverb
Dialing in Compression
The Basics of Delay
Tying Delay (and Other Effects…) to Tempo
Dialing in Chorus & Further Refinements

Dialing in an Edge of Breakup Tone
Dialing in an Edge of Breakup Tone
Dialing Tone with the Looper
Organic Reverb Techniques
Pedal Platform Techniques
Crafting a Sonic Space
Exploring Tremolo
The Rotary Speaker

Dialing in a Classic Rock Tone
Dialing in a Classic Rock Tone
Exploring Thickening Effects

Dialing in a High Gain Tone
Dialing in a High Gain Tone
Chorus for High Gain Tone
Making It Sound Huge - The Enhancer, Pitch Blocks, etc.
Introduction to Modifiers: Dialing in a Wah Pedal
Exploring Plex Delays

Introduction to Scenes & Channels
Introduction to Scenes & Channels
The Block Library
Consolidating Four Presets into One Rig of Power
Leveling Scenes within a Preset
Special Considerations with Scenes & Parallel Routing
Channel Creativity
Best Practices for Presets with Scenes
The Multiplexer & Modifier Channels
Notes on Consolidating Presets
Methods for Saving CPU

Building a Live Preset with Scenes
Live Preset & Tone Philosophy
Dialing in a Foundation Live Tone
Cabinet Block Considerations for Live Performance
The Virtual Capo
Pitch Block Harmonies
Live Lead Tips
Adding More Effects
Further Exploring the Rotary
Building Gig Scenes
Scene MIDI & the MIDI Block
Live Performance Control

Recreating the "Amp in the Room" Sound & Headphone Playing
Introduction to Recreating the "Amp in the Room" Sound
Recreating the Amp in the Room Sound Pt. I - Dialing in the Tone
The Gain Enhancer - Secret Headphone Weapon
Recreating the Amp in the Room Sound Pt. II - EQ Methods
Recreating the Amp in the Room Sound Pt. II - Cabinet Block Methods

Advanced Amp Parameters
Exploring Advanced Amp Parameters
Supply Sag
The Variac
Output Compression

Using Multiple Inputs for Multiple Instruments
Introduction to Multiple Inputs
Running an Acoustic & an Electric Guitar into the FM3
Running a Guitar & a Bass into the FM3

Building Different Physical Rigs
Introduction to Multiple Outputs
Using the FM3 with Multiple FRFR Outputs
Using the FM3 with a Neutral Power Amp & Cab
Using the FM3 with a Tube Power Amp & Cab or a Head/Combo
Using the FM3 with an FRFR System & an Onstage, Neutral Amp & Cab
Integrating Third-Party Outboard Gear

Using the FM3 as an Effects-Only Unit
Using the FM3 in Front of an Amp
Using the FM3 as an FX Loop Only Processor
Using the FM3 as the Ultimate Effects Processor with the Four Cable Method (4CM)

External Control with Pedals
Introduction to External Control with Pedals - Wah & Volume
Creating a Whammy Pedal
Creating a "Talkbox" Formant Pedal
Controlling Amp Gain with a Pedal
Controlling Delays with a Pedal

FM3 Foot Control
Layouts & Views in Depth
The Master Layout Menu
The Factory Layouts
The EZ Editor
Utilizing Per-Preset Switches & Layouts
Stand-In Switches

Integrating FC Foot Controllers
Introduction to the FC Series Foot Controller
Basics & Setup
Customizing Multiple Live Layouts
Advanced Layout Linking
Leveraging Multiple FC Controllers

The Internal Controllers Suite
Exploring Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs)
Exploring The Envelope Follower
Exploring the ADSR
Combining Controllers
Exploring the Sequencer
Exploring the Pitch Follower
Exploring Scene Controllers
Automating Tone with Scene Controllers
Exploring Manual Controllers
Exploring Control Switches & CS MIDI

USB Recording & Reamping
Introduction to Recording & Reamping
Setting Up for Recording & Reamping
Reamping with the FM3

Utilities, Managing Presets & Cabs, Wrapping Up & Further Exploration
Introduction to FractalBot
Backing Up & Restoring the FM3
Managing Presets
Managing Cabs
Wrapping Up & Further Exploration

Student Testimonials

FAS should strike a deal with Cooper to have this included with every new AXE III purchase. I learnt TONS and had a blast going through it. If you have any sense that this might be for you, just buy it. You won't be sorry.
How amazing is it that you can actually receive training from someone who sets up the Axe for major recording artists?! This is great! And well worth the price! Thanks, Cooper!
I am making big progress with the AF3 because of this class. I’ve learned more in the past few days than I have in the past month! Let’s roll!
I haven't even finished the course yet, but now I am confident enough to finally get my III gig-ready to replace my II!
Constant big smile! VERY informative!

Man, I bought this the other day as a brand new Axe owner to help shorten the learning curve and I’m loving it. Cooper, thanks for creating this and making it available to users.
The class is extremely interesting and useful. I am not an expert but not a beginner either. And I am learning a lot of things I should have known much earlier.
Very happy with my purchase. Thanks a lot!
I strongly recommend Cooper's instructional video series. It provides a pro-level foundational approach in the use of the Axe FX III, with in-depth learning in several crucial areas.
Worth it's weight in Fractal gold.
Anyone still on the fence about this video series should jump off immediately. The ROI is phenomenal.
Chad Beattie
This guy knows how to teach! I'm still going through his course even today and had his lessons months ago. I'm so glad there is someone out there to explain this powerful unit to us in normal understanding way.
Terref69 II
What a great investment! I recommend this to anyone with an Axe! Glad you broke it down into short segments. My brain fries on some of your stuff in a good way!
Great course. Ive been through it a few times now. The course will certainly teach how to build any rig, quickly.
Dickie Fredericks
The Edge of Breakup Tone section alone is worth the $!
Not one single minute have I regretted my purchase! Learned so much and in a pleasant way.
l just purchased this class and recommend it HIGHLY! I am a long time Axe user but I was always kind of “muddling” my way through trying to learn as I went. Cooper’s course goes in depth but at a rate that is not overwhelming. Plus he updates the course you are always current.
Excellent job, Cooper!
To all new users and experienced users, get this course! You will not regret it!
deakle II

The Complete Fractal Audio Master Class Collection

As a leading authority on Fractal Audio products, guitarist Cooper Carter has worked with artists like Dream Theater, Maroon 5, Journey, Taylor Swift, Avenged Sevenfold & Dave Matthews Band to design tones heard on countless albums & stages across the globe.

In his Fractal Audio Master Classes, he shares tricks of the trade to enable anyone to harness the full power of Fractal Audio products.